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Hydroponics Garden Size

Your hydroponics garden will be limited by the number of grow units you have available and the amount of space you have so it will take a little planning to determine what you’ll be able to produce.

  • *TIP* Alternate low, bushy plants in your hydroponics garden like spinach and lettuce with tall, vine plants like tomatoes and bell peppers to make sure your taller plants don’t shade each other.

While you’ll want to pack in as many plants as possible into your hydroponics garden to maximize your space, you’ll also need to give your plants ample room to grow.  There are no hard or fast rules on how much space you’ll need but the following are some loose guidelines of how many plants of each type you can have per square foot of space:

Hydroponics Garden – Plants Per Square Foot

Hydroponics garden
Our ZeroSoil Grow Kits are best suited for produce such as tomatoes, peppers, leafy green veggies like lettuce, and most types of herbs.Leafy produce such as lettuce and most herbs won’t take up a ton of room in your hydroponics garden while other types of produce such as squash and potatoes are space hogs.  Remember these are just loose guidelines to give you an idea of how much space you’ll need for each type of produce so don’t be afraid to mix and match depending on your own needs.