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ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden FAQs

Why aren’t my seeds sprouting?

There could be a number of factors but more often than not the main cause would be a bad seed.  To prevent waiting for a seed that will never sprout its best to plant a couple of seeds to increase your odds of getting at least one seedling.  Once they’ve sprouted you can always use a pair of tweezers to pluck out the weakest looking ones and keep the winner.

Where should I put my ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden for best results?

The great thing about the ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden is its compact size!  Place it on your desk top, counter top, windowsill, or anywhere that could use a splash of freshness.  For best results your Mini Indoor Garden should have plenty of direct sunlight but regular indoor lighting should be sufficient for most leafy green plants.

Don’t most hydroponic systems need an air pump and air stone?

While most traditional hydroponic systems require proper aeration and oxygenation due to their size and amount of water required, the compact design of the ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden allows successful growth without one.

Do I need to add any nutrients?

We wanted to make the ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden as simple and easy to use as possible so we’ve included all the nutrients your plants need in our organic, soil-less planting medium.  Over time, the nutrients will deplete so you may need to supplement with additional nutrients or fertilizer as needed.

What does the control system do?

Your ZeroSoil Mini Indoor Garden control system lets you know when you should add more water (green light) and when you need to change the batteries (red light).

Indoor garden indicator lights

How do I setup my Mini Indoor Garden?

Indoor Garden Setup 1